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Fanfic: They Are Going to Eat Us! Part 6 - Spock and McCoy

Character: Spock and McCoy
Genre: Gen
Author: iam_spock aka sylar
Fandom: Star Trek
Word count: 1300
Rating: G
Notes: No notes. No warnings. Just a little snarkfest between Spock and McCoy on an away mission. So yeah, I got a little stage fright about McCoy for some reason, but I think I'm over it now. I wish I'd started this as a Spones fic, because it would be a perfect story to build on that relationship, but at Part 6 it's a little late to change the genre.
Summary: McCoy and Spock are trapped on a primitive planet. The Enterprise has been forced to leave orbit. Their tech doesn't work. When they find out why, they get a big surprise.

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Unlike the bindings that were used to hold us when we first arrived on the planet, the doctor and I found our hands locked behind our backs by magnetic powered cuffs. Logically I assumed that they would lock the cuffs tighter than was necessary to hold us, so I flexed the muscles in my forearms to increase the circumference of my arm. It would make the cuff more comfortable for the duration, and it might also offer me a chance of escape. Of course it became obvious that to pull my hand free of the cuff, I would need to break one of my thumbs. That was not something that I was prepared to do—yet.

The trio that had caught us pushed us along deeper into the building until we were brought to a brightly lit room. As with the entryway and halls, the lights were not powered by oil or flames of any kind. They were advanced and did not belong here. Who ever had contaminated these people had no care for the Prime Directive, and I was not terribly surprised to see a high ranking Klingon seated at the head of a long table flanked by his men.

“Mr. Spock of the Federation Starship Enterprise, I am Commander Kreece,” he said, getting up to swagger over to the doctor and myself. I stood my ground as the Klingon leader snarled in my face. I could smell meat on his breath. I wanted to step back, but I would not. Showing weakness would make us prey, and I had no intention of being prey.

“You have violated the Neutral Zone, Commander,” I told him calmly. McCoy was glaring daggers at them, and any worry I had of him being seen as prey was quickly dashed aside. If anything the doctor looked more than willing to tear them apart, which was as always a shock to me. He was a healer. Yes, he was frequently an emotional, annoying, human who seemed to enjoy vexing me, but he was also the gentlest person that I have ever met. Leonard McCoy does not cause pain unless someone he cares about is threatened. In this situation I agreed with his unspoken sentiment completely. I would not let them hurt him either—even if I had to break a thumb to stop them.

“I’ve violated many Federation laws, Mr. Spock,” the Klingon said with a sneer. He reached up to stroke his mustache like a villain from one of the antique movies that my mother would share with me as a child. I wondered what this Klingon would think if I told him that. “We have been coming to this planet for quite some time, which I’m sure you noticed.”

“We have observed the evidence,” I noted.

“You haven’t exactly been hiding it,” McCoy said almost at the same time. “If you want to be sneaky, you might not want to leave your toys layin’ underfoot.”

“We were not trying to be sneaky,” our captor said with another sharp toothed smile. “We are trading with these people. Klingons have no need for spy. We’re not like the Federation.”

“You have violated their evolution,” I said. I was exasperated by the glibness Kreece displayed and how carelessly he tossed about the Prime Directive. “You have hampered their logical progression by contaminating them.”

“No,” Kreece said with a chuckle that rumbled deep in his chest. “We have shown them what a benefit an alliance with the Klingon Empire can bring. That’s one thing that I’ve never understood about your Federation, Spock. How is it logical to ignore a species within your borders until they gain warp technology? You leave them to live and die on their own until then. What if they have something valuable to share with the rest of the galaxy?”

“It is not illogical. It is important for them to reach their potential without contamination and interference.”

The Klingon snorted and waved a hand in our direction after turning his back on us. “Take them to a cell. I’ll decide what to do with them later. Maybe I’ll show the Prince that the Federation has sent spies here. No one likes spies.”

I sadly did not have an answer for his last statement because he was correct. No one likes spies. The doctor and I were once again shoved out into the hallway.

Unlike our previous escorts the Klingons felt no need to treat us gently. Before I could warn him, one of them placed his booted foot in McCoy’s path, causing the doctor to trip, landing on his face on the hard stone floor. I tore myself from the grip of the Klingons guarding me and rushed forward to help him get back to his feet. His nose was bleeding, and I clenched my jaw to keep from showing my anger to them.

“It’s all right, Spock,” McCoy muttered before licking the blood from his upper lift. “This isn’t the right time.” He was using my own words against me, something that I hated, especially since he was right.

“Of course, doctor.” The largest of the Klingons reached for me, digging his thick fingers into my shoulder near my neck. If he’d been skilled, I would have suspected a Vulcan nerve pinch, but he simply wanted to bruise me and get my attention.

It may have not been the time to attempt escape, but it did seem the right time for me to bring the top of my head up under the large Klingon’s chin. His teeth snapped together with an audible click, and he shouted a long string of Klingon words that I was not familiar with. I did recognize their meaning however when he backhanded me across the face. My head snapped back, but I did not stagger. “Now that there are three different colored bloodstains on the floor, shall we be going?”

“Quiet!” the one I had bloodied decided that he would be safer grabbing McCoy by the back of his shirt collar, and he placed his other hand on the hilt of his d'k tahg, letting me know in no uncertain terms that he would kill McCoy if I did not cooperate.

My lip had stopped bleeding by the time we were shoved into a small darkened room. Fortunately they decided to release the magnetic control on the cuffs which allowed us to use our hands while keeping the heavy bands around our wrists for ease of control later. “Are you all right, doctor?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” he said as he checked his nose. “It’s not broken. Let me look at your lip.” I acquiesced, seeing no reason to be stubborn as I normally would be. “Shouldn’t leave a scar. So how’re we getting’ out of here?”

“I do not know, but together we will figure it out.” I hooked my fingers into the windowsill that was high over our heads and pulled myself up to try to judge our location. “I do not see anything useful, and this window is too small for us to escape through.”

“Yeah, we’ll figure it out, or Jim’ll come. Must be the Klingons keeping Enterprise away.” He sat on the small bed that lined one wall, drawing his legs up to allow me room to sit down with him.

“There is one advantage to our current situation though, doctor,” I said as I took the offered place. The mattress was thin, and it smelled.

“You mean besides the fleas we’re going to get from this bed?”

“Besides that, although it will be interesting to see if this species of parasites is drawn to your blood or mine.” I offered him a tiny hint of a smile as he dabbed at the blood under his nose. “Apparently technology works within this building. We may be able to use that to escape.”

Thank you for reading and commenting.
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