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They are going to eat us - Spock and McCoy - 4/?

Character: Spock and McCoy
Genre: Gen
Author: iam_spock
Fandom: Star Trek
Word count: 1127
Rating: G
Prompts: Meme #8 You're at a wedding for a_muse_meme
Notes: No notes. No warnings. Just a little snarkfest between Spock and McCoy on an away mission. We don't need no stinking Prime Directive. Written for graylikeme.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Doctor McCoy and I had been with the native family for two nights. There had been no word from Enterprise, and our equipment was malfunctioning more and more often. The magnetic field on this planet was causing cascade errors, and they were growing exponentially with how often I attempted to use a device. I had thus decided to put my tricorder away until it was required. We also had no way to charge our fuel cells, and as much as I disliked agreeing with the doctor, we had no idea when or if Enterprise would be returning for us at all. Thankfully our universal translators were functioning properly.

He watched as I carefully worked out the stiffness in my leg while he chatted with the husband and wife who had been hosting us. There was a great deal more activity today than there had been. Large amounts of food were being prepared, and I sincerely hoped that the increase in production was not due of our being here. I brushed a few stray hairs from the household pet that were sticking to the tunic they had given me to wear over my uniform shirt. It was a sufficient disguise for me to blend in. The curve and point of my ears was quite similar to theirs, so there was no need for me to hide them. Dr. McCoy on the other hand was forced to wear a hat to hide his rounded ears.

“Good news, Spock,” the doctor said as he motioned for me to join him in a cup of tea.

“Oh,” I inquired as I took the tea and settled at the large table, careful not to disturb the food preparations.

“There’s going to be a wedding.” He was smiling as were our hosts.

“Doctor, I wasn’t aware that you’d bonded with a member of the family while I was unconscious.” I was teasing, but I wasn’t sure that the doctor would realize that. Humans found my humor difficult to comprehend at times. Suppressing our emotions doesn’t make us humorless creatures, although as Jim pointed out my delivery needed some work.

“Very funny, Spock,” the doctor said dryly.

“Why thank you, doctor. I was endeavoring to be humorous. Is their son getting married?” He looked me over the lip of his cup and shook his head. I had only a casual knowledge of the people hosting us. Most of my time here had been spent asleep or sequestered away so that I could heal from my injuries. McCoy was our ambassador, but he seemed to have taken to the duty well. The people liked him, and he seemed to enjoy their company as well.

“The Prince of the local ruler is getting married. Our hosts are manning a food booth at the celebratory fair in the city. All of this food is going to be sold at the big party.” He paused while Ethena, the eldest daughter, brought us some porridge and fruit. “The entire family, except the grandmother.” He tilted his chin towards the woman who was peeling the root vegetable that I was fond of. “Will be taking wagons to the city.”

I took a careful spoon of the porridge not wishing to scald my tongue, but I had discovered that if you waited too long the mash would become inedible. I also liked it a great deal, and I was hungry.

“That will be quite helpful, doctor.” I set my bowl down carefully and set about peeling the fruit’s thick purple skin away from the succulent meat. “We can go with them.”

“But it’s the opposite direction from the rendezvous site,” he protested as I knew that he would.

“I have been evaluating our situation, doctor.” I set aside the fruit and began to present my argument. As the First Officer of Enterprise, and the commander of this mission as well as outranking McCoy, I had no reason to present a logical case. But I did respect his opinion enough to present my reasons for going off in the opposite direction.

“I can’t wait to hear this. Jim will be looking for us.”

“Yes, he will be, but as we both know the ship’s sensors are hampered by the magnetic field produced by this planet. Something forced Enterprise to leave orbit. You and I have already agreed that there may be another group of aliens influencing and interfering with the natives.” I picked up one of the knives from the table that had been discarded by one of the cooks. “The quality of this knife is a prime example on contamination. This knife was not produced on this planet. It is of extremely high quality steel, and the handle is plastic. These people do not have plastics.”

“So someone is trading with them?” He leaned forward and nodded, while he processed my information. “I’ve been so worried about getting back to the ship and about your leg that I hadn’t paid attention to the kitchen cutlery.”

“I do not find you at fault for that, doctor.” I returned the knife in question to the cook when he came back to the table with another basket of vegetables. “I was not paying attention to such details either. The cascading errors in our equipment might not be a natural occurrence either. It is quite possible that the third party may be blocking our technology, and if that is true…”

“The only way for Enterprise to get a complete scan of the planet is for us to find the shield generator or whatever it is.”

“Exactly. We beamed down where we did because it seemed to be a safe distance from the major city in the area and the interference. If we were to travel into the city with our hosts, we could investigate.”

“While everyone is focused on the big damn wedding?”

“Logically it may be our best opportunity to investigate. It will also be a vast improvement on how we were traveling into the city originally.”

“We wouldn’t’ve seen much from a jail cell.” The doctor handed me his purple fruit with a smile. “Here, you like those a lot more than I do. You can have mine. Let me mingle a bit. I’ll offer to help them with the preparations, and see if I can’t get us a ride into the city with them. You any good at cutting carrots, Spock?”

“I helped my human grandmother in her kitchen when we visited Earth when I was a child. I believe that I can be trusted with a knife.”

“Good. Be back in a bit. Finish your breakfast, doctor’s orders.” I waited until he left the table before returning to my porridge. It was stiff and cold, but I would eat it anyway.

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