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They Are Going to Eat Us - Spock and McCoy - Part Two

Character: Spock and McCoy
Genre: Gen
Author: iam_spock
Fandom: Star Trek
Word count: 872
Rating: G
Prompts: Meme #5 you get a call at 3am for a_muse_meme
Notes: No notes. No warnings. Just a little snarkfest between Spock and McCoy on an away mission. I was asked to continue the story of Spock and McCoy's away mission.

Part One - the Capture

The forest was teaming with life. I could hear the animals moving quietly through the brush, and occasionally the breeze would bring the scent of their activities. Dr. McCoy seemed immune to their activity, but I doubt that he could hear them through his own diatribe on my various failures and the reasons why it was my fault that we were in the middle of the ‘God forsaken forest’. I was certain that were we to have a sufficient amount of time that the good doctor would blame the Eugenics War are me as well as any natural disaster that he could name from Earth’s history.

I paused while the doctor continued mumbling to himself. I’d given up replying to him 3.75 kilometers ago. Logically he would become bored with listening to his own voice and stop, but apparently the doctor’s patience was infinitely longer than mine. My hip hurt from jumping out of the wagon, and I needed to rest. I settled on a moss covered tree stump and set about scanning the area, looking for local flora that we could eat. I was hungry, and our rations had been taken when we’d been captured and I had not been able to retrieve it upon our escape.

“Spock,” McCoy said when he came huffing into the small clearing where I was resting my leg. “Why didn’t you tell me you were stopping? I might have liked a rest too.”

“Forgive me, doctor. I assumed that in your effort to keep track of all of my short comings since our escape that you would notice that I had stopped.” I did enjoy exploiting the fine line between fact and sarcasm especially where McCoy was concerned.

“What’s wrong?” the doctor asked as he came towards me, scanning me with his medical tricorder. “Why didn’t you tell me that your hip was nearly broken, Spock? You don’t get points for being stoic.”

“Perhaps I was avoiding your bedside manner, and I had no desire to hear a litany of ‘I told you so’.” I nearly frowned as he hovered over me, tinkering with his readouts while he decided what he could do for my injury.

“I…” He paused as he adjusted the dosage on one of his hyposprays. “Spock. We might argue, but I’m a doctor dammit. I’m not goin’ to ignore that you’re in pain just because your stubborn Vulcan pride won’t let you admit it.”

“I assure you, doctor, that my silence had nothing to do with pride.” Which was a lie, but fortunately, Dr. McCoy believed like most non-Vulcans that Vulcans cannot lie. “I simple wished to get you to the rendezvous point as quickly as possible.”

“Well we’re not going anywhere quickly now.” He pumped the drugs into my arm, and I immediately felt relief from my cramping muscles and bruised bones. I also felt slightly disoriented and very tired. “You need to get off that leg, and we need some food.”

“Indeed.” I watched, alternately fighting the effects of the drugs and letting them relieve my pain while McCoy took charge of our landing party of two. Had I know that letting him take care of me would give him something to do other than complain, I would have admitted my injury much sooner. It was a bit of knowledge that I would hang onto for future reference.

“Spock?” I jerked awake, to find McCoy leaning over me. I also found myself on the cool ground next to the stump I had been sitting on. It was dark as well, and I had been unconscious for several hours. “Can’t leave you anywhere, can I?”

“I seem to have fallen asleep.” The doctor was not alone. He had a pair of the indigenous people of the planet with him. Unlike the natives we encountered before, these were not armed, and they did not appear to be wearing uniforms.

“That’s the meds. Come on. These people are going to feed us. There’s a storm coming, and I need to get you inside someplace dry.” I found myself leaning on McCoy as he looped my arm over his shoulder to get me to my feet.

“I do not hurt as much, Doctor. I am fully capable of walking.”

“You can walk, but I’m not so sure about navigating. I think my hypo was damaged when we were captured. I may have given you too much.”

“That would explain a great deal.”

“We also got a call when you were out. The Enterprise had to leave orbit. We’re on our own for another day or two.” It disturbed me that I did not hear the ship’s call. “Which is good for you and me both.”

“Why is that, doctor?” It was illogical. He had been complaining non-stop about getting back to Enterprise. I opened my mouth to point that out when he glared at me over his shoulder while we trailed along behind the two young natives.

“Because no one will see you stoned out of your gourd, and no one will know that you’re like this because of me.”

“I see your logic, and I approve of it.”

“I thought you might,” he assured me as we slipped deeper into the forest.

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