Spock (iam_spock) wrote,

My Rules of RP

I thought posting these would help new people decide whether they wanted to approach me about RP here on LJ and on Twitter.

1 - Venues - I do not RP in private venues or in IM. I do not lock down my Twitter. What I do is out in the open for all to see. That includes smut if it happens.

2 - The Smut - I do not RP for the sake of smut. If smut happens, and it is dictated by the characters' chemistry, then that is cool. I RP a lot of m/m. I'm horribly out of practice with m/f, and I have never done f/f. I hardly RP females, so it's not much of an option for me these days. I hate having to list the Smut so high on the list, but since it's the reason so many people RP, I felt the need.

3 - Relationships - Unless I'm RPing a canon relationship, I do not set up a relationship in advance. For instance if I was RPing Wesley Wyndam Price, and you are RPing Fred, there can be a pre-established relationship. If I'm playing Wesley, and you're playing an OC from Wesley's past, don't expect him to fall madly in love with you. If you'd like them to have had a past, we will need to discuss that.

4 - Mind Reading - Do not under any circumstances (unless you're telepathic) read my character's mind and react to it. That includes reacting to what my character's thinking with your own thoughts. My character can't see your thoughts, but I can. And it is not good RP.

If Sylar is thinking, I'd like to kill this person, and your character thinks - Sylar wants to kill me. That is perfectly acceptable, since it's pretty common knowledge that Sylar wants to kill you.

If Tate is thinking, I should take Addie to the movies and get popcorn. Your character had better not think - Isn't that nice, Tate wants to take Addie to the movies.

5 - God Modding - Do not move, assume or speak for my characters. They will react the way they want. I barely control them. If my character touches yours, you will need to write your reaction to that, and I don't expect you to write my reaction to your character's actions.

6 - IC Actions = IC Consequences - If you poke the tiger, prepare to be clawed. I play a lot of villains. If you fuck with them, they will hurt you. I will not ask for permission to strike back. It is OOC for me not to have them let you have it. So if you hit Sylar in the face with a pie, he might just rip your arms out of their sockets and beat you to death with them.

7 - OOC Knowledge - I won't use OOC knowledge in my RP with you. You'd best not use it with me. Knowing another character's canon is one thing between the muns, but between the characters it is not cool. I as a mun might know everything about your character from watching your fandom, but that doesn't mean my character knows it. This includes knowing about situations in RP that happened away from my character. If he didn't see it, or no one told him about it, then he doesn't know it.

8 - RL =/= RP - Should our characters become more than friends, this does not mean that you and I are a couple. This doesn't mean that I have RL feelings for you that go beyond friendship. What my character feels about you is not what I feel about you. If you start to feel about me the way your character feels about mine, please stop sniffing glue.

9 - Stalking - I do not make my characters for your entertainment. I make them for mine. I track ISPs. I read bad_rpers_suck, and I post there too. If you cross the line and start creating characters just to harrass me and mine, I will mock you for everyone on BRPers to see. If I tell you that I don't want to RP with you, I mean it.

10 - REAL LIFE COMES FIRST - I am a fast tagger, so do not fear. If I haven't tagged you back, I haven't forgotten you. I'm just busy, so get over it.

11 - Drama Llamas & Trouble Makers - I will not be objective. I play with a very tight group of friends. These are people that in most cases I've been RPing with for years. I can trust my RP partners with my back, and I know they trust me with theirs. If I've invited you into my inner circle, it's because I trust and respect you. It means that I like you as a person, and I think you're a good RPer. But if I find out you've gone out of your way to cause drama, and you've hurt one of my friends, I will be done with you. PERIOD. I take sides.

If you'd like to talk about these rules, please leave me a comment. If you'd like to copy them to your LJ for your muses, you're more than welcome too. I have been RPing online since 1999, so I am an experienced RPer. I like to RP with new people, so I thought it would help to let you know where I stand.
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